Respect in the workplace

Respect in the workplace

Respect will always be our priority at ShiftingBehaviour. South Africa has been an amazing testing ground for the world, and Nelson Mandela the most inspiring leader in the field of achieving respect where there was utmost unfairness. It seems obvious today that the future of our world relies on our ability to make it work together, despite our differences and potential misunderstandings, even despite our past conflicts. Where there is respect for One’s self and for the other person, diversity flows in as a natural consequence. Because we can admit our own limits, without feeling diminished, we become inclined to invite others that have different strengths. We should also bear in mind that respect becomes all the more vital in a rapidly changing environment.

The faster we move, the more respect we need

We respect the traffic legislation on the road, or we get a fine. We accept that because it seems obvious that traffic lights, speed limits or prohibition of alcohol consumption are there to protect us and make us all use the roads together. We are moving faster, and we need to interact more then ever. What are the key, simple and essential rules for that? We don’t want to make our lives more complicated, just more adapted to today’s business environment. What are the ground rules in the workplace? How do we make sure we are in a safe place, where we can go not only because we have to, also because we enjoy the journey.

We adapt beyond our expectations

It’s fascinating when you remember that a century ago, our grandparents felt sick in cars speeding at 60km/h. Our ancestors thought that the human body is not supposed to live through such velocity – and they were right. For thousands of years, we couldn’t go faster than the horse we were riding (and that took some time)! It is amazing that at this speed, the majority of the time, we actually don’t bump into each other! We can adapt a lot more than we think, actually we adapt without giving it a single thought!

Finding the limits

In the 80’s in France, over 8,000 people were killed on the roads annually. Cutting down these numbers became the main focus of reviewing the traffic legislation. By lowering the speed limits from 60 to 50km/h in cities and the tolerance rate for alcohol, while increasing the means of law enforcement, the number of casualties has consistently diminished. Today, while the number of users has increased, the casualties are less that 3,000 per year. Respect saves lives! How does this analogy serve your business? Choose the limits of how much you want to adapt: do you want to go at 60 or is 50 enough to get there safely? Set the ground rules that are most appropriate to preserve mutual respect in your environment. Make sure everybody is aware of these rules. And be proud you are promoting respect.

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