Thank you for your trust


Thank you very much for the talk. It was with no doubt the best of the year. I think you’re an excellent presenter. It was most instructive and entertaining. Patrice, Johannesburg.

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Apart from a break in routine, I found it mentally stimulating. The facilitators presented in a way that was very engaging with the delegates and got everybody’s participation. The workshop content encouraged a different way of thinking and helped me learn a lot about my own personality and how I behave in stressful situations. Very worthwhile and loads of fun. Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to participate – Denise, Johannesburg

I’ve discovered the Process Com model and it has changed my life! Lisa trained a group I was part of over 4 days with a lot of expertise and enthusiasm to share. What were the impacts of her knowledge transfer? Knowing and understanding what are my strong points and my needs, I was able to take the right turn in my career which fully satisfies my life. I communicate better with others, integrating the difference of personality type. And this is thanks to Lisa!” -  Albane, Marseilles

The seminar was very beneficial and presented well. Having analysed and discussed different perceptions and personality types my general communication with others will definitely improve. Steve, Johannesburg
It was an excellent seminar, well presented and organized. It was very interesting and I gained a lot of knowledge, totally enjoyed spending time with my colleagues. Reeshina, Johannesburg
I think it is very beneficial and will recommend anyone to do it. They assess and identify a person’s personality profile and stress patterns, which can help a person to function better in his or her environment. I have done a similar course before, but I found that with this specific model, the profile they gave me is extremely accurate and very useful. It also helps one to understand others better, which helps to improve communication / relations with others. Petrus, Johannesburg
I have found it very informative and interesting. Definitely something that made me think about myself. Also beneficial to understand and therefore communicate better with others. It was also a welcome break to spend some time with colleagues outside an office environment. François, Johannesburg
I enjoyed the seminar very much. I learn a lot about myself and others. André, Johannesburg
It was an interesting seminar. It provided a useful insight into our personal traits as well as the various other personality types. The interactive sessions where we got to identify and put into practise the communications skills were most beneficial. Mark, Johannesburg
I’ve found the seminar very interesting, I’ve learnt a lot about myself and about how to improve my communication with others. Florence, Johannesburg