Process Communication®

Process Communication®

An interview with Taibi Kahler, author of the Process Communication Model. Lisa Binet was with him in Paris in June 2014, to find out more about this exceptional man, his amazing discoveries and his incredible encounters.


The Process Communication Model® is a psychology and communication model which has been researched with NASA, used and approved by top influencers in the world. It’s a ground-breaking training programme that will give you essential keys to practise how to shift behaviour appropriately.
It is as simple to operate as it is full of insights. And best of all: it works on the spot.

is the correspondent for Kahler Communications  in South Africa.

The Process Communication Model®

“It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” Taibi Kahler PhD, author of the Process Communication Model®
In communication, we tend to give all our attention to the content, overlooking precious indicators of the interaction. We lose focus of what’s going on and what’s the real issue.




Personality profile

By answering our on-line multiple choice questionnaire, you will receive your personality structure: in Process Communication, we identify 6 personality types, called the Thinker, the Harmoniser, the Persister, the Imaginer, the Promoter and the Rebel. All 6 personality types are in each one of us, and we represent the personality structure as a building made of 6 floors.
In this building, the ground floor, called the base, indicates the perception – the frame of reference with which we view the world – which the individual will use dominantly. Perceptions are the doorway to enter in contact with each person.
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Interpersonal skills

Communication is a lot more than transmitting information. When we communicate, we express who we are and what we need in terms of psychological ‘food’. We offer one view of the world, and must always keep in mind this vision is ego-centered. What we call the Process of Communication, is the message by message analysis of what’s going on between two people, with different personality structures : from which floor of their building are they sending their message and is it reaching the person on the other side.

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