Change management

Change management

How well do you know your clients? How do they perceive you? Are you aware of what you are doing to generate this perception? We define together what do you need to change from the inside to meet your business requirements.

Team Building

Within an organisation each individual has a different story to tell. How do they fit into the organisation, how is their story building on the common one, the one of your corporate culture? At ShiftingBehaviour, we believe a successful Team Building event strengthens your corporate culture. We work together on essential issues such as: which rules do we need to deliver exceptional results, while taking care of ourselves. To design an event, we carefully stage your values and background and bring together a meaningful and memorable event. We believe team building seminars should offer the opportunity for everyone to participate. That’s how we make diversity an asset.


Change management

Based on this mirrored perspective, we define together objectives of perception shift, and the behaviour change needed to achieve them. We then deploy training and coaching, targeting from management to sales, to accompany the action plan, as well as a set of best practice guidelines

Focus groups

Who are your clients? How do they view you and your team? Whatever your job description, if your personal achievement depends on the outcome of a relationship, then you need to take care of your client! At ShiftingBehaviour, we identify your “client-supplier” relationships and determine the key factors influencing these perceptions. We provide custom-made questionnaires, we run interviews and focus groups for assessments.

Brainstorming techniques

Let’s bring in something new for a change! To open up your minds and get practical and creative solutions, we facilitate brainstorming workshops that not only allow everybody let off some steam, but also bring practical solutions to your business issues.



Steps to change perception

  • Know your client, and listen to him: run 360 degree assessments, focus groups, interviews to learn how they perceive you, and what they expect of you. Bring it in perspective with your business environment issues and trends.
  • Define your “positioning” towards your clients, i.e., what you don’t want to change.
  • Define your objective in which direction you want to grow, improve and influence the relationship.
  • Facilitate the definition of your “behaviour strategy”: what are your needs, how can you satisfy them through positive relationships?
  • Design an action plan related to behaviour change:
    • Training on communication and motivational skills;
    • Coaching of key individuals, team building events.
  • Develop best practices of information flow. Be creative: find solutions through brainstorming with your workforce. Put in place a system of awards or reminders to encourage repetition and share your success.
  • Define milestones to measure your progress.
  • Don’t forget to celebrate your success, and let it show!

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