Communication skills

Communication skills

Communication is key in your job. Here is a ground-breaking training programme that will give you essential keys to understand and use easily. The Process Communication Model has been researched with NASA, and used and approved by top influencers in the world. It is simple to use, rich of understandings and easy to apply to our behaviour.

Listening skills

Communication starts with listening. Become more attentive to the influence you have on others, and how others influence you. Learn to listen carefully to the WAY things are said, not only to WHAT is said. In South Africa, this is sometimes a challenge just to understand each other’s language.

Communication skills

Engage meaningfully with your clients, co-workers, teams. Learn to communicate through their preferred channel and perception. Know their needs to leverage the right type of motivation. Money is never the only issue. In CRM, Sales, and in the service industry, your people are your brand. Improving their communication skills is key to grow your business.

Non-verbal Communication

Your behaviour communicates who you are. Because such a great part of our communication is non-verbal, we talk about “behaviour” changes rather than just change of communication. According to surveys, 80% of communication is non-verbal, with indicators such as the use of tone, gesture, posture, expressions. Train yourself to read the behaviour indicators. Make sure your indicators are congruent and clear for the person you are engaging with.


It is inevitable that miscommunication slips into our relationships. You can learn to switch back to positive communication by re-establishing contact and responding in the appropriate channel of communication to the negative behaviour that you are noticing.

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