Personal development plan

Personal development plan

You work in a constantly changing environment, which demands intense flexibility. Responsibilities increase with experience and maturity, and you are unsure about your decisions. Your job demands your full attention, as a professional and as a person who is able to engage authentically with others. As work qualifications become quickly obsolete, you might need to switch from one job to another.

A Personal development plan is a coaching agreement, by which we address your most meaningful projects and challenges, and work on how your behaviour helps you achieve them.

Self awareness

In each session, we facilitate internal conversations, and let you touch base with your resources. We reflect on your thoughts, your feelings and behaviours and eventually, shift perspectives on these issues.

Increased self awareness is the first outcome of Process Com® Personality Profile debriefing. This stage is essential to gain awareness about others as a result and is a pre-requisite to achieve respect in the workplace.

Self management

Thanks to the increase in self awareness, you will reduce stress significantly, and see situations more clearly. You will be able to envision your goals, and to take a step forward. Check how your behaviour is helping you achieve your goals and where does it need adjustment. Develop strategies to keep away from stress, and satisfy your psychological needs. Increase your assertiveness in difficult situations. Enjoy the improved relationships. The personal plan is about developing your self management strategies. We also address this during team building sessions.

Decision making

Make the right decision for you, the one that makes you feel comfortable. Check your behaviour is adapted to the situation, that your green lights are on. And make “holistic” decisions, ones that engage you entirely. Because you are responsible, resourceful, and whole. Make a decision that makes you grow. Fully aware, fully responsible, and truly you.