Who we are

Who we are

My goal is to help you solve your issues around communication and motivation. How is your team, your organisation, or your brand perceived? I consult for HR, sales, marketing, customer relationship professionals and top management. I partner with the appropriate team to answer your specific needs. As a certified trainer in the Process Communication Model® of profiling I am the correspondent in South Africa for Kahler Communications.

I have 10 years experience in multinational companies in marketing departments (see my LinkedIn profile). Among many variants of profiling tools available on the market, Process Communication not only changed my vision of consumer behaviour, it has also changed my life. After undergoing a career coaching for myself, I turned to training facilitation: I wanted to work as an independent, and do what was most meaningful to me. I am also trained as a co-active coach using Transactional Analysis.
Lisa Binet, founder of ShiftingBehaviour

Cross cultural communication

I am French, I come from the Middle East, I have lived and worked across Europe, in Brazil and in South Africa. I am currently based in Marseilles, France.
Thanks to my professional background in marketing and experience on 3 continents, I can say I am an expert in communication issues in cross-cultural environments.


This name was inspired by the movie Trading Places, a 1983 comedy with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd. I was a kid then, and it was a significant encounter with sociological and economical issues, as well as racial determinism as seen (and ignored) in the 80’s. Looking back at these times (when Mandela was still in prison) we see how old-fashioned this heartening script seems today. And it makes us realise how far we still have to go.