Process Communication® Seminar

A unique world class Communication skills and Management styles training. Discover your personality structure through our questionnaire. Learn about your favourite interaction and motivation style, and identify how to communicate effectively with different personality types. Based on research with NASA, to manage stress behaviour. Approved and used by top 100 listed companies.
Objectives of the seminar

• Know yourself better and understand others  better.
• Identify your personality type and its evolution in time.
• Understand the conditions of your success and put them into practice.
• Identify stressful situations and learn to deal with them.
• Be able to identify the personality type of others.
• Identify other people’s sources of motivation and learn ways to enhance their motivation.
• Understand miscommunication and know how to resolve it.
• Develop an individualised communication style, putting in place strategies of relationship and action, in order to maximise everyone’s motivation and help them express their potential.
• Overall, get the best out of your relationships.

View the outline of the 3-day programme.

Want to host a Process Communication® training ?

Shifting Behaviour is seeking host organisations throughout South Africa to welcome our 3-day Process Communication® training. To show our gratitude, host organisations receive two complimentary registrations, once minimum enrollment has been met.
For more info about hosting opportunities, please contact Lisa Binet